Teambuilding Workshops

KMAC Teambuilding Workshops are designed to help employees shift reasoning patterns by prompting them to explore creative, right and left brain ways of thinking while giving them permission to have fun.  The result is that the employees will come away with increased focus, less stress, and a greater appreciation for their fellow co-workers. Workshop features include:

  • A 30 minute guided tour of the Museum and exhibitions
  • An hour and 30 minute hands-on workshop
  • Experienced Museum education staff members collaborating with local professional artists
  • Can be arranged to fit your schedule between the hours of 10am-4pm
Cost: $35 per participant.
(For an additional fee, the Museum staff will help you install the completed Team Expression artwork in your workplace. Youll be amazed at what a morale booster it can be for the organization!)

Want to make it a full day of fun for your employees? The Museums remarkable exhibition galleries are also available to rent for meetings, luncheons, receptions and other corporate events. For more information about facility rentals, contact Ann Drury at (502) 589.0102 x 204


Have you ever missed the forest for the trees?  Its easy to do when youre too bogged down in the minutia of a problem.  Let us help you, as a group, see the bigger picture!  Before the group arrives, a painting is selected and segmented into grids.  Each individual segment of the grid is then projected onto a white wooden panel and outlined with marker.  When employees arrive, teams will be given a wooden panel with marker outlines.   Some instruction about painting will be given, i.e. how to mix colors and apply paint, as well as the objective and a set amount of time to complete the paintings.  Employees will paint their individual panels.  After painting, employees will work as a group to puzzle-piece the individual panels back together to complete the image.


Participants will be introduced to concepts such as “Unity Awareness” and “Working as a Cohesive Unit” while creating an artwork from randomly sized wood and recycled pieces.  Team members will gain awareness of constructive communication and creative problem solving while working together.  They will also learn new skills in working as a group, while allowing for creative individuality.  Goal: the winning team will be communally judged to have produced the best free-standing artwork.  Team members will have access to drills, screws found objects, in addition to scrap wood.


This workshop encourages participants to explore their creative imagination while collaborating effectively within their teams and across the group. After reading a brief story or poem, the group must divide into teams in order to depict one complete frieze around the walls of the room. Each team is responsible for depicting one chapter of the story on a large section of wall. Participants will have a wide array of instruments (brushes, sponges, etc), paints, inks, and collage materials. Each team will be judged on the creativity of their artwork, whether they collaborated well as a team and all team members felt included in the process, and whether they communicated with the other teams effectively to create a complete and cohesive frieze.

To register or more information call Julie at 502.589.0102 or email her at

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